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This is one of our tractors that we use in

the wrecker business for various things.


This is one of our tractors we use in the

wrecker business.  We rent them out to the

public as well.  We also use the tractor to

pull trailers when other folks' tractors

are broke down.  We pull the tractor in

with one of the wreckers.  We also use the

tractors for spotting trailers for big

companies in our area.



This is one of our tractors we use for a

number of things.  We have the bucket to

use as a front-end loader.  We have the forks

to use as a fork-lift and the box blade to level

up the roadway when it had been damaged by

a wrecked vehicle.  We have the rack to clean up

the scene and to level the roadside after an


* Wreckers

* Rollbacks

* Trailers

* Detach (picture available at a later date)







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