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This is one of our four door Rollbacks with a 25,500 GVW and a 21-foot right approach bed.  How many times have we got a call from a disabled vehicle on the road with more than one person; the four doors are convenient and are able to accommodate up to six people comfortably.  If you have ever tried to put six people in a two door you'd know what we mean! 


   This is one of our smaller Rollbacks used when there is only one passenger and the towed vehicle is less than 10,000 lbs.


This is our 50-ton Rollback.  53 foot long,

The back wheels go to the front and the  

back of the trailer goes down level with  

the ground, like any other small rollback. 

we haul anything from automobiles, buses

to bulldozers on it.                      

* Tractors

* Wreckers

* Trailers

* Detach (picture available at a later date)





  GUARANTEED a 45-minute ETA!


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