Jerry Blaxton Wrecker

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This is our equipment trailer which carries our

air cushion recovery system.  We have a power

unit with a welder unit in it and a portable

power unit that can be used to light up an area

as big as a football field.  We have a blowtorch

and any kind of recovery belt necessary to get   

the job done.  Whatever it takes to work a

wreck scene you'll find in this trailer!     


This is one of the containers used in the

wrecker business for different things and we 

rent them out to the public as well.  


This is one of our 53 foot Dry Vans used

in our wrecker business for different things. 

We also rent them to the public.        


* Tractors

* Wreckers

* Rollbacks

* Detach (picture available at a later date)



  GUARANTEED a 45-minute ETA!


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